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Lawyers Who Have Argued Cases Involving Social Media

I recently gave a presentation on social media at Suffolk University. One of the audience members asked a question about the consequences of customers and the public writing critical or libelous comments in social media for a company.

That question has led me to think that it would be helpful to build a list of attorneys who have argued cases regarding social media. During the writing of my book, "Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging", the chapter on blogging guidelines and the law was the one area I found the research to be most interesting, and over time I’d like to continue understanding this area of the law, I figure understanding who has been involved with cases is the best way to keep on top of what’s happening with social media and the law. I asked this question on linkedin, and Twitter. If you have any suggestions and references please let me know.

List of Lawyers Who Argued Cases Involving Social Media

Starting with this article, "The Law of Social Networking Sites: a Primer", recommended by Joshua Greenfield, I’m going to move through some of the court cases to develop the list of attorneys.

The Football Association Premier League Ltd v. YouTube, Inc., 1:07-cv-03582-UA

Louis M. Solomon Proskauer Rose LLP
Max W. Berger Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman LLP

John Doe No. 1, v Patrick Cahill and Julia Cahill

David L. Finger Finger & Slanina, LLC, for appellant. 
Robert J. Katzenstein (argued) and Robert K. Beste, III of Smith, Katzenstein & Furlow, LLP, for appellees   
Paul Alan Levy (argued) and Allison M. Zieve of Public Citizen Litigation Group, Norman M. Monhait of Rosenthal Monhait Gross & Goddess
Lawrence A. Hamermesh of Widener University School of Law, for amici curiae.  

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