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Sticky On The Dell Small Business Forum

Having recently launched the new Forrester Discussions site for Interactive Marketing Professionals I’ve been looking at other forums for ideas for features and community building. I recently looked at the Dell Community Forums, which provide extensive support for Dell customers.

Looking at the Small Business Forum this morning, I noticed that posts were ordered in a linear fashion, and users had the option of views with replies or without replies.

The forum features a number of stickies, posts elevated to the top of the page by the editors, the small business forum had so many stickies that I initially did not see the general threads. Making sure the there is a distinction between general threads and a sticky is something to think about when selecting messages in your top threads.

Regarding communication and navigation: Each user can tag a post, and a list of top tags with top taggers was available at the bottom of the page. You can also use a search feature, searching either messages or user content.