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Corporate Blogging Guide At ProBlogger

Reem Adeidoh published a post with thirteen tips on building a corporate blog. She also interviewed a few large company bloggers for her post on ProBlogger. Check out the details and great post, the guide includes 13 tips from Reem Adeidoh.

1. Determine if blogging is a good fit for your company.
2. Determine if your company is willing to invest in a blog.
3. Create a strategy.
4. Ensure that everyone is on the same page.
5. Determine the involvement of PR.
6. Select bloggers.
7. Train the bloggers.
8. Writing posts.
9. Realize that the Blog doesn't need a tone.
10. Editing.
11. Establish a comment policy.
12. Develop a promotion strategy.
13. Establish a measurement program.