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Should You Tweet A Blog Post?

Reading forum posts on Forrester Discussions today I noticed one of the participants had suggested that Tweeting a blog post was something that would make them more likely to un-follow a twitter account. I’d wondered what percentage of people thought tweeting a blog post was a good idea or not, and asked this question on Twitter. Here are the responses.

@johncass Do you think tweeting a blog post is a good idea?


@jgraziani Yes, I find great info and blogs from others' tweets.

@MackCollier John I think it's fine, in moderation. If you tweet links constantly, then tweeting your own posts occasionally is fine

@mgrey Tweeting your blog post can lead to viral marketing from others. I'm fine with that; as long as you also tweet about info of value

@mikesansone I try to do at least a 70-20-10 (70% others, 20% chit-chat, 10% my own) - but only my own if I think it's really got legs

@KrisColvin Definitely!! I use to submit mine as tweets automagically.

@jesseluna I think pointing people to one's blog is essential. But is should only be a small part of people's overall tweets.

@MackCollier tweeting a blog post is good. Using Twitter as a tool to broadcast is bad ;)

@iGoByDoc Well, I think it is. I have seen a lot of blogs from tweets that I normally would never have seen.

@nickle342 yes. just had a 2.5 hour long convo with some people and talked about driving traffic from twitter. higher than other referrers!

@BarbaraNixon I've found several blogs to add to my Google Reader because people have tweeted about their new posts. So, yes.

@KennyL I'm not hot on it..somehow it seems like forced leveraging. Do you get much update on your tweets referencing your blog posts.

Interesting reaction to the question, the consensus from this straw poll appears to suggest Tweeting a blog post is okay, if done in moderation. What do you think?