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Cuil Search

Have you heard about the new search engine called Cuil, it looks cool. In a New York east coast kind of a way.

What exactly do I mean by East coast? Having lived on the west coast where bland is a Hawaiian shirt; sometimes black can be a little underwhelming as a fashion statement.

However, if you look at the list of Cuil founders, they are mainly from the West Coast, with a wealth of experience it seems from their bios.

I enjoyed the Motley Fool's review of the Cuil search engine.

Reading through a few Cuil reviews today, the reviews compared the results from Cuil to Google and found the new search engine wanting. The service has a tough competitor to beat in Google, especially on its own turf. I am not convinced that any company can come into the marketplace and outright beat Google for search. The company has so many advantages, years of technology development for results, the server farms, and the partnerships.

In the world of search I think the competition has to move the goal posts. Maybe the future of search is in searching information from gaming worlds, or search on twitter. What ever it is, I think the next big search service will have to really do something different from Google to provide value that Google doesn’t.