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Ian Lurie's Tips For Writing A Bad Business Blog

Ian Lurie, the President of Portent Interactive writes a humorous post about "How To: Write a Really Crappy Business Blog."

He gives us thirteen (initially) now sixteen tips to encourage bad business blogging.

1) Talk about yourself.
2) Go negative.
3) Plagiarize.
4) Use lots of small, unreadable type.
5) Spam the world.
6) Use unreadable colors.
7) Create really unclear links.
8) Write badly.
9) Write too much.
10) Digg every post you write.
11) Stumble every post you write.
12) Never post anything.
13) Don't care.
14) Apologize for not posting.
15) Site breaks in Firefox.
16) Ads that load slowly.

Interestingly, I am not sure I agree with number two in every circumstance. Boeing's Randy's Journal typically has two content strategies, discussing Boeing's successes, and explaining why Boeing's airplane strategy is better than Airbus. In Ian's post he suggests going negative means calling people idiots, while Randy (there have been two Randy's on the blog) certainly doesn't call the folks at Airbus idiots, they have not pulled any punches in arguing their corner.

The blog really gets the Boeing point of view out into the open for customers, and media to read. Though I've often wondered at the effectiveness of this approach in their industry, the Boeing strategy does appear to be winning at the moment, even so I'd be interested in hearing more from people in the airline industry about their thoughts on the blog's approach.

Note: I used to work for Ian at Portent Interactive.