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Encouraging Corporate Blogging Interaction

One volunteer community project I've been involved with this last year has been the Fortune 500 Business blogging wiki, which is an effort to conduct a census of the Fortune 500 with blogs. In addition there's also a parallel project to conduct reviews of the all the Fortune 500 companies that are blogging.

Several of the reviews have used a ranking system from Though not perfect, nevertheless, by using the same rating system we can gleam some general insights into the state of the Fortune 500 blogosphere.

About 12% of the Fortune 500 are blogging.

Two of the ratings on the reviews measure interactivity of fortune 500 blogs, this page gives a list of some of the reviews and ratings. Whether people return comments from a reader, the corporate bloggers reach out to their community with comments, or linking back in their own posts are the lowest values in the review.

These results might be due to data that does not match up on the rating scale, various people conducted the reviews, and each person brought their own perspectives, some rating a company higher on a factor where another reviewer may rate them lower. We actually have one or two examples of repeat reviews, and I've seen this happen a few times.

Never the less I think the reviews do give some insight, that companies that are blogging in the Fortune 500 in general could do a better job with outreach and interaction on their blogs.

What do you think? Why do you think these values are lower than the other factors? And what do you think companies can do to improve their level of interaction?

Note: This volunteer community project is not related to Forrester Research.