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Doc Is Sick, Let’s Talk About VRM

Doc Searls, one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, an important book that described the importance of the interconnected web to people and companies is ill with pancreatitis in hospital here in Massachusetts at a Harvard Teaching hospital. His vivid description of what he is going through at the hospital reminds me of my experience with my son when he was in the NICU at Mass General. My thoughts are with Doc, I very much hope he recovers quickly.

Doc was working at Harvard on a Fellowship with the Berkman Center on the topic of Vendor Relationship Management, the idea of each person using the web to manage their vendor relationships by writing requests for product and services on their own website, and vendors responding to them.

Maybe we can encourage Doc to get better by discussing his ideas around VRM?

Can you think of any social media websites that allow people to manage their vendor relationships? Blogs are the obvious choice, so perhaps you can point to people who regularly manage their relationships in this way? I encourage you to write a post and trackback to Doc’s site.

Here’s Doc’s trackback on an earlier post while in hospital.