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Blog Measurement Through Sentiment & Category

If you are running a corporate blogging effort how do you measure and rate each of your posts?

That's a question several organizations have answered with sentiment analysis. Each post that mentions a brand is rated. Dell uses positive, negative, neutral and positive/negative to rate a post. The American Red Cross uses Positive Negative and Neutral. By rating all of the posts on a regular basis you can determine the general buzz about your company. The buzz in a blogosphere is not the same as taking a survey of all of your customers, but a strong positive or negative buzz in social media is probably having an effect on the perception of your brand.

Those sentiments are crosschecked against product. However I was thinking it might be more interesting to build a better series of categories for posts that describe what people are doing when describing a brand in a post. Here are some ideas using Dell as a model:

-Customer has a problem with their machine
-Customer is happy with their machine
-Commentator criticizes Dell
-Commentator praises Dell
-Commentator is neutral

I think it would be interesting to get a breakdown of sentiment by customer and commentator. What do you think how should a post be rated, and crosschecked against categories?