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New Englanders Less Manic-Depressive Since Sox Won

Jon Keller & Dan Roche from's new website, 'Declare your curiosity,' answered my question about the character of New Englanders since the Red Sox won the world series.

Dan Roche said, "I'd say our regional self-image and level of contentment has been significantly improved by the success of the Sox. We are all a bit better looking, don't you agree? "

Dan Roche said, "So how had the winning of two World Championships changed the character of New Englanders? I think we are happier than ever and more appreciative of what we have. It's gone from manic-depressive to at time, borderline cocky. But that's ok. New Englanders waited 86 long years for things to change. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Great writing from both Jon & Dan, see my post about the new WBZ website from yesterday.

As an old Englander who lived on the west coast for many years, coming to New England I was told a lot about the character of New Englanders (its been my experience every region will repeat their own clichés about themselves), upon hearing the description I thought Red Sox nation was similar to Manchester City supporters. But there’s nothing quite like Red Sox nation; baseball and the Red Sox really are so much part of the culture here at every level, one that’s extremely positive for the region.

As Dan Roche goes onto to describe in his comments the management team have had a big role to play in shaping the success of the team, not only in winning but also in building the team’s brand positively. I think their success teaches us that despite any hurdle an organization can succeed through good people, strategy and execution.