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FriendFeed lets you aggregate content from a number of social media technologies, Twitter, links, blog posts, flickr and many more. FriendFeed also enables you to share comments with friends and colleagues on each shared link and message post. FriendFeed launched last October 2007.

Features that are not entirely obvious when you first sign up with FriendFeed include:

1) The ability to hide those Twitter comments of friends who get too chatty, and mute comments.

2) FriendFeed lets you see the likes and comments of your friends.

3) You can have your FriendFeed comments posted back to Twitter as a @reply Twitter in the comments section of FriendFeed.

4) You can follow what your friends have commented on and liked. This feature is also available for your own profile, you can check out your own comments and likes to see if anyone added to comment threads you have contributed to.

5) This week on Thursday FriendFeed added a new feature, the ability to make rooms, where friends can join and share links, comments and information around a topic, event or idea. The rooms can either be public or private, so it’s a great way to share information with people.

Since Thursday, a lot of people have already been busy creating rooms. Here's a List of Friendfeed Rooms I found:

Australia - The continent, in FF form!

Basketball - Talk about anything and everything basketball - professional, collegiate, or otherwise.

Battlestar Galactica - Discuss the show, add links to whatever BSG related stuff you like. Unsure how we'll handle *spoilers*...

Chat Room - Use this room for real time chatting by adding comments to the hopefully only item called "Chat"

Crazy Gadgets - A place to discuss the latest and greatest gadgets

Designers Who Design Things
- For anyone that feels they design things in their life.

Economics - Links to articles concerning the economy and economic theory in general.

Election 2008 - Discussion about the 2008 presidential election.

Empoprise-IE - A room dedicated to the Inland Empire in California.

Friendfeed Asia - About Social Media topics or more in Asia

FriendFeed Feedback - Ideas, suggestions, and feedback for FriendFeed

FriendFeed News - The latest updates, blogs and news stories on FriendFeed

FriendFeed Room Discussion - Discussions on rooms

For Russian Speakers -

Funny Stuff - Funny things

GIS - Talk about everything GIS related

Google Earth - Talk about everything Google Earth related! Share interesting places, links and any other Google Earth related content.

Invites - This room is to request and share invites for private beta web services

JavaScript - All about javascript

JohnMcCain2008 - Supporters of Jon McCain for President in 2008

Kayaking - If you have one or just enjoy paddling them.

LaptopStickers - do I have to clarify this? seriously we want STICKERS!!!!!!! ok, 'nuf said!

Librariology - Interested or working in a Library? Say Hello and share something!

Lifehackers - For those who enjoy tweaking their life to improve productivity, organization or enjoyment.

Microsoft Talk - A room for discussion of all things Microsoft.

Missouri - SSIA -- People from Missouri, US

Mixed Martial Arts - A room for MMA content. UFC, Dream, Yarennoka, WEC, KOTC, heck, we will even throw in Pride for y'all.

Musicians - Talk about making music, theory, gear, whatever.

New Jersey - For everything in and about the state of New Jersey, USA.

New Orleans Jazz Fest - This experience deserves its own room.

Oh Canada! - Oh Canada! 100% Canadian content as mandated by the CRTC!

Personal Finance - Links on the subject of personal finance.

Post Twit-Out - Here is where you can discuss Twitter's efforts for improving their service

Science News - News and discussion about interesting topics from the world of science.

ScobleRoom - Robert Scoble's Room

Seesmic - The Seesmic friends room

Software Testing - Problems, solutions, and other assorted miscellania related to software testing.

Social Media Enthusiasts - A room for people to discuss Social Media, New Media & Online Media

St. Louis - For those from St. Louis and its surrounding counties.

Strength, Muscle and Power - Room for powerlifters, body builders, strongmen and other strength athletes.

StudentTravel - Share your personal travel experiences here.

TWiT - A room for TWiTs - A room for grouped (..or fresh!) content about Leo Laporte's TWiT Network and it's Netcasts.

Utah - For the geeks of Utah to discuss Utah things

Virtual Earth - A place to chat and share everything about Microsoft Virtual Earth

Weather - Weather news, science, photos, and discussion.

Wikipedia - All about Wikipedia

World Of Warcraft - A room for World of Warcraft news, notes, taunts, etc.

I've also created a room, the Corporate Blogging room, this is a great place to post links, videos and pictures about corporate blogging.

If you know of any other interesting FriendFeed rooms I should add to this list, do let me know. I'd also be curious to know what rooms have the most members.