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Problems With Infinity Internet Email

This morning I find my email is not working; I've held my email address [email protected] since 1997 when I moved to Seattle, Washington from California. What's of more concern to me is that I am unable to contact the parent company of the ISP, Infinity Internet, either through telephone or by live chat. There is also no update on the website about the current network status.

Infinity Internet is located in Vancouver, Washington, and has ISP subsidiaries all up and down the west coast.

Is anyone other customer of Infinity Internet having the same problem?

update 4/4/08: email is back up, I called Pivotal Communications in the same office building as Infinity Internet, Bill the owner also uses Infinity, he walked next door, apparently the NOC was down, so everything was out. Bill said everyone looked stressed when he walked in. Hope everyone's okay, glad to see things are back up.