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Hayden Sutherland writes in his article, "What does Press2.0 really mean?," that media has changed beyond recognition in recent years.

He suggests that traditional media is no longer the main source of information for consumers.

Hayden carries on to suggest,

"Media owners will apparently publish anything they like if they think they can sell potential customer attention as inventory to a product owner.

Blogs and other social media don't necessarily crave that attention or revenue. They are created out of passion and need, or often just as a way of diarising or commenting on what happens."

I was thinking that the leading media publications are all adopting social media technologies, and even practices. Though many have a way to go. Some companies allow commenting, and even conduct a dialogue with readers on their blog.

Few media companies are actively reaching out to consumers on their own blogs. Though journalists may be reading other blogs for news, there is little trackbacking and commenting on other blogs. However, journalists are increasingly referring to blogs with links on their sites.

In the past, traditional journalists were successful because of their news gathering skills and access to the few publications that dominated media.

Today any blogger can conduct news analysis, and publish online. The collective efforts of a number of bloggers covering an industry may have more success in covering an industry than a paid journalist. Though the quality of the information may be higher in blogs, the quality of writing might still be higher among journalists.

If news analysis is the key to success in the past and today, I think media companies will have to invest more in research and technology tools for finding leads to stories. This does not mean that journalists will be replaced with technology, but that technology will enable journalists to keep ahead of their blogging brethren in the field of media competition.