Battle Road Reenactment On April 19th
Approaching Cluetrain Shot At New Comm Forum

New Comm Forum – Panel With ARC’s Wendy Harman & Emerson’s Jim Cahill

On Thursday this week I am moderating a panel on the "New Influencer," study. The study explored the use of social media by companies and contrasted their use with public relations strategy. I worked on three case studies for the study. We have two of the participants in the case studies in the panel discussion; Wendy Harman from the American Red Cross will be describing the work she has done for the ARC over the last few years, and Jim Cahill from Emerson Process Management. The session is in track one of the New Comm Forum this week in Santa Rosa, CA.

You can hear the podcast I recorded with Wendy Harman from the Red Cross, which was published by the Society For New Communications Research.

Here's the blurb from the website.

Thursday, April 24th - 3:15pm - 4:15pm

SNCR Research Presentation: New Media, New Influencers & Implications for the PR Profession

John Cass, SNCR Fellow, Jim Cahill, Emerson Process Management, Wendy Harman, Red Cross

New media and communications tools and technologies and the corresponding emergence of citizen journalism are redefining our conceptions of media and influence. This is having a profound impact on the PR profession. No longer is media limited to traditional channels, nor can influence be attributed solely to journalists, analysts, industry experts and pundits. Conversation has replaced static corporate messaging, and effective spokespeople and ambassadors can be found both within and outside of organizations. Join a team of SNCR Research Fellows as we explore these changes to the media and communications landscape and discuss their research, case studies and real world examples.