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What Are We Controlling Again?

Just noticed this posting on marketingvox promoting a seminar and 10 tips for enterprise blogging.

In the tips I found this one that I thought was interesting:

"Control is OK: Despite what most "traditional" bloggers say, it is mandatory for organizations to have control over their content. As an organization, you have an obligation to control the content generated under your brand. Corporate blogging is not a free-for-all, and there are blogging platforms that help organizations find a balance between complete freedom and control."

I think this is a swipe at the cluetrain manifesto, and an attempt to put business managers at ease regarding social media. I think the tip misses the point about control. The cluetrain manifesto discussed the issue that companies in general are no longer in control of their message because customers have such power online. That's a little different from being in control of your own internal content.