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Twitter Features, Stats & Biz Bio

Biz Stone sent out an email update about Twitter last night. He provided an interesting statistic about Twitter:

"People who have 10 followers and are following about 10 people represent 50% of all Twitter-ers. If you have more than 80 followers and you're following more than 70 people, then you are in the Twitter minority at about 10%."

Biz also described a new feature:

"We noticed lots of folks sending @replies to each other so we've added an easy way to reply to another person on Twitter. Just click the little swoosh icon after an update in your timeline. This will automatically insert the correct "@username" text in-front of your next update."

I like the new feature.

One suggestion I have for Biz and his growing team is that they give Twitter users more options for organizing followers. The pictures of people are useful to some extent. I'd also like to see a list of names in small type, and some way to order followers into groups. Geography would be my first choice for a way of ordering followers.

Biz’s email gives me pause for thought about his background.

Biz Stone has had an interesting career, helping to really start the business of blogging in the industry, as well as running Google’s blogger blog for a time. He also wrote “Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web content,” one of the first books about blogging in 2002.