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The Inside Scope On Communications At LifeWay

I first met Chris Turner at a Society for New Communications event last year, Chris writes about his journey in creating a new blog about communications, as the Media Relations Manager for LifeWay Christian Resources. He struck me as a well read, thoughtful communications professional, who was exploring the new world of social media.

I found this tidbit of insight from Chris is worth considering for any company in how you should approach the use of social media tools.

"Fundamentally we realize we are blending customer service, communications, marketing, news an information, media relations and more. It's a mashup now. It's not wearing different hats. It is the NEW hat."

Chris is right, social media is a blending of disciplines, not the domain of one existing activity such as public relations. The tools, and customer's use of those tools mean that companies have to adopt an effective strategy to meet the new demands of customers online.

What I like about Chris' new blog is that it chronicles his organization's use of marketing strategy with social media tools. You don't often see a play-by-play description of what happens within a marketing or public relations department. You do see in minutiae behind the development of the blog and social media use at LifeWay on the blog. You see the whole process as Chris explores new communications in today's world and how it relates to his company. Blogs that have an ongoing theme always have that extra edge over blogs that don't. As a reader I enjoy returning to discover the next exciting installment of the story.