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Social Media Geek/Pro Needed to Help Change the World

Michael Rubin from GasPedal just asked me if I knew of anyone who would be a great designer for his company, here is the job description:

Web 2.0 Designer/Developer/Doer for Totally Connected
Social Media Company that Will Create Cool-but-Important
Communities for Interesting-and-Inspiring Companies

We create communities for the leaders in social media, blogs, and web
2.0. We teach evangelism, viral, word of mouth. We help companies
learn to be authentic, ethical, and accessible. We're the place the
good guys go to be better.

But our web sites sort of suck.

We're looking for a web guru who can:

* Take over our web sites, blogs, and (maybe) print design

* Improve the graphics, stabilize our brand look, add new features, and
make it more interesting

* Be the main creative person in the company

* Implement a consistent look and feel across our web sites

* Supervise external agencies or freelancers

* Be a core part of our team (not the geek in the basement)

We don't care if you like to sit in the dark, have strange bits of metal
in your skull, or like to wear a suit to work. Actually, we're not too
concerned where you work, but you need to make regular appearances in
our Chicago office.

Interested? Learn more and how to apply: