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Ideas For Reviewing A Fortune 500 Blog

In 2006 Easton Ellsworth wrote an introductory post to his work on the list of Fortune 500 companies blogging. He had a number of questions he wanted answered as part of the process of review of the Fortune 500. Here's a synopsis of the questions below, you can find more detail on Easton's post:

1. Quality - Which Fortune 500 blog is the best blog? What does "best" mean in this context?

2. Uniqueness - How do Fortune 500 company blogs differ from non-Fortune 500 company blogs?

3. Quantity - How many public-facing (external) corporate blogs are there?

4. Relevance

5. Identity - Who's writing F500 blogs?

6. Format

7. Impact - Who reads them and why?

8. Wild Card

The first question on quality is most interesting to me. Whether a blog is the best depends upon a company's goals for a blog, and if a company succeeds in meeting those goals.

It also appears to me that the most successful blogs are those that help a company to solve customer issues, and help a company to build better products. Many companies start blogging with thought leadership in mind. However, often a company's thought leadership may not translate into gaining new ideas from the wider community. Whereas a company that does listen to the community and uses the community's ideas appears from the examples I've seen to gain the most from corporate blogging. (See the Backbone Media Corporate blogging survey for a wider discussion on thought leadership.)

I'd like to encourage any Fortune 500 Blogging Wiki reviewers to consider reviewing a Fortune 500 company’s blogging efforts for how the company deals with customer issues, and gaining product feedback using their corporate blog. Though I would hasten to add there is no standard way to conduct a review, I think if we leave the review process open each reviewer will produce an article that speaks to their strengths and interests.