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Analysis Tools For Tomorrow's Newsroom

Predicting the newsroom of the future, how will journalists use social media analysis tools to find new leads, supporting comments, and engage readers on their own blogs and websites?

Adoption of Blogger Monitoring and Engagement Tools

It used to be that the leading news analysts were working at the top traditional media outlets in the country, in the face of social media, anyone can publish content and analyze an industry using data captured on the web easily.

It’s my hypothesis that with the drive for market research data and now blogger engagement buzz reports; companies and blog publishing empires have a better pulse on what is happening within a particular community than many traditional media outlets.

For a publication to be competitive in today's world, tomorrow's newsroom will have to adopt some of the technology tools that are now available to monitor the web.

Complex monitoring tools analyze text across the web, from discovering individual posts, to rating each post by sentiment and authority, to providing company managers with tools for market research and blogger engagement.

Publications that adopt these tools will have a competitive advantage because they will be able to move faster and manage engagement.

This post is a refinement of my earlier post on the newsroom of tomorrow.