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Francois Gossieaux continues the discussion about measurement in his post about measuring return on information rather then return on investment for marketing departments.

Francois thinks that measurement is valuable, but it is important to think about what you are measuring. The focus for a successful marketing company should be on determining how well you convey information to a customer. A company should measure the value to the customer as well as the company. If a big part of marketing is market research or listening this makes a lot of sense. Asking customers what value they received from a campaign, and what could be done to improve the communication will go a long way to getting feedback from customers. The focus should be on making a better product/company which is profitable, rather than running a good campaign.

The next question is how do you measure return on information. You could look at the consequences of running a campaign, were there articles or posts written as a reaction to the campaign. But as Francois suggests it is probably better to conduct some market research to find out people's reactions and opinions.

I really enjoy reading Francois' blog, he is a marketer like me, and so we share many of the same interests in how marketing works. Also Fran├žois is in Boston, I'd like to see the AMA chapter have Francois speak at an event.