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Re-launch of Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki Aims To Discover Real % Of Companies Blogging: Currently 9.6% Of Fortune 500 Blog

I just finished my review of all of Easton Ellsworth's posts on his blog, about the Fortune 500 blogging wiki. Easton had developed a wiki with the Business Blogging Summit, but unfortunately the wiki had disappeared.

I wrote an open post about Easton's and my intentions to restart the project on another wiki. Ross Mayfield from SocialText saw the post and suggested we use the existing Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki. The wiki was the original wiki on the list of Fortune 500 corporate blogs. Easton and I agreed, and we started updating the wiki. I've now finished the process of making sure all of the previous reviews are linked to on the Fortune 500 Business Blogging wiki; if I have missed any do let me know.

On the wiki's home page, we added another column to the list of Fortune 500 blogs, which contains links to reviews conducted by bloggers on their blogs. Plus, we added a page for a list of volunteers with their reviews, whether a company has a blog or not. There are few things to clear up on the wiki, but we are all set to start requesting help with more reviews for the corporate blogs. So if you are interested in reviewing a Fortune 500 Company for its corporate blogs please review the company, post an article on your blog and link to the article on the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.

Alternatively, if you just post your article, let either Easton or I know, so we can update the wiki for you. There are now 48 known Fortune 500 Corporate blogs on the wiki, or 9.6% of Fortune 500 companies are blogging. This is old data, so I expect we will find the adoption rate to be higher once we start getting more reviews. The project is already a success for me, as we have received one unsolicited review from Liz Fuller, who has given us an updated review of General Motors.

Update: I created a new post on this blog for the fortune 500 corporate blogging list of blogs.