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Leadership Lacks Marketing Insight

Zane Safrit, President of Conference Calls Unlimited and blogger picked up on my post about Marketer's Lack of Customer Focus, he wrote,

“The CMOs ARE marketing and interacting with their customers...CMOs tagged as not involved in any way with customer service...or not listening/interacting with customers...”

Rather Zane explains marketers are focused on internal customers: "their peers, their executive leadership, their agencies."

Zane believes this focus is because of company leadership. Yet ultimately the leadership punishes marketers for not being successful. Zane suggests many marketers are set up for failure.

I think Zane is hitting on some fundamentals here as it relates to business strategy. Are you using a sales strategy or a marketing strategy in your business? Too often company leadership believes that marketing is all about sales. It is, or at least sales is a part of marketing. Rather marketing is a strategy, which will enable a company to produce successful sales, by listening to customers, conducting market research, or in the parlance of social media: conversation.