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Impressed By Arches & Standing Partnership

I was invited out to St. Louis last week to work with a local public relations firm, the Standing Partnership, on a social media project. Partnership is a big part of the company's core ethos. Standing Partnership is part of the Worldcom group, my thanks to Melissa Lackey, Jennifer Brinkmann, and Amber Morris for giving me such a great reception.

It was my first visit to St. Louis, a city I've always wanted to visit to see the St. Louis arch. Built in 1965, the arch stands 630 feet high, has two elevators, and is the biggest landmark in the city.

Susan Iskiwitch, from Standing Partnership, is a reader of this blog, and she was kind enough to give me a driving tour of the city on our way back to the airport. We stopped at the arch, and I had a few minutes to walk up to it and touch it. It is really big, that was really cool I got to see the St. Louis arch!

One difference between St. Louis and Boston I noticed were the number of brick private houses there compared to Boston's wooden houses. The city also has Forest Park, a large 1,371 acre park, where the St. Louis zoo is located; entrance to the zoo is free!

Susan Iskiwitch provides a lot of social media expertise to clients at Standing Partnership; she first started a LiveJournal diary in 1999, but now blogs and uses other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can find out more about the Standing Partnership at their multiple author blog "where do you stand".