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Facebook Disables, Then Reinstates Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble had his Facebook account suspended. Apparently he was doing some things that were against his users agreement on the social network. I suspect this is just an automated script on Facebook's part. The expectation being that if you don't complain to a real human, nothing will be done. What's sad about this tale, if it was automatic, is that Facebook did not send any warning prior to canceling the account.

Robert Scoble often provides the wider technology blogging community with lots of entertainment with his antics. I've often said, "oh, that Robert," about a post that had half the people loving him, and the half hating him. What ever you think of Robert Scoble, be it leader or sociopath, he is a leader in the industry, who inspires emulation and who has also grated the nerves of many people.

If you want to make some more fuss about Robert Scoble's removal from Facebook you can join a new group.

Facebook re-open Robert Scoble account !!!!!

Too late though, Facebook has already reinstated him, Robert republished the email he received from Facebook, which states that Robert did the right thing in emailing them back. I am sure this sort of thing happens to the ordinary Joe everyday with companies. However, when it happens to a blogger, and one as popular and widely read as Robert Scoble, the incident just illustrates the dangers of assuming everyone is doing something wrong. Perhaps Facebook will change its mechanism for canceling an account.