Shel's Take On Scoble & Facebook
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Designing Social Interaction For Rule Breakers

Inspired by the recent kafuffle with Robert Scoble and Facebook, I think it is important not to be too hasty when it comes to taking action against rule breakers.

Social interaction design is the design of user and social engagement with social technologies”, it requires an understanding of user interface design, plus how the process of social engagement can be facilitated using web 2.0 website technologies. A good creative look is important, however, even more important when designing a member-to-member website is the ability to analyze each step in the process of social interaction between members. If you are going to moderate threads or comments, you have to understand the importance of respecting each party involved in the moderation process. Assuming someone intended to break a community policy when standards have been broken might put you in danger of making a decision you will regret later. I learned early on in working with on line communities that you also have to be fair to apparent rule breakers, because if you discover a misunderstanding on their part or your own, you will not have to regret the consequences of acting too hastily.