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New Blog Council For Corporate Blogging

Andy Sernovitz, CEO of Gas Pedal, CEO of WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and blogger at Damn! I wish I'd thought of that! has set up the Blog Council an industry group of large companies which conduct corporate blogging.

Here's the mission of the council:

The Blog Council's mission is to help corporate blogging efforts become more successful.

Up to now, there hasn't been a community solely dedicated to serving the needs of corporate blogging. The Blog Council is here to help create:

Best Practices: Promoting corporate blogging excellence through best practices, standards, and training.
Community: Providing networking and partnering opportunities for leaders of the corporate blogging movement.
ROI: Developing metrics programs that help deliver measurable ROI from blog activities.
Advocacy: Blog Council has a united voice to provide the corporate perspective in the blogosphere.

Blog Council Membership

Blog Council members are:

Major global corporations and brands
The key executives responsible for their company's official blog presence
The entire blog team: bloggers, management, marketing, legal, etc.

Blog Council members are not:

Vendors or agencies
Individuals or general-interest bloggers
Corporate employees with personal blogs

Oh well, I guess this excludes me. I did notice several people from agencies among the mix of members-only presentation though. There was project on the list of projects about a blog directory, I wonder if the group would like to support the Fortune 500 blogging wiki project rather than start another directory online?

Thanks to Richard Binhammer at Dell for the link.