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Don't Mess With Joseph Carrabis, He Knows The Outcome To the 2008 Election

Holmes_2Joseph Carrabis's presentation on Thursday at the Society of New Communications Research Symposium and Awards Gala included a reference from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He called people who are information freaks, Sherlocks, and those people who promote a Sherlock's ideas, Watsons. This is a leaf out of Gladwell's book, but from a larger literacy figure.

The part of the presentation that most interested me was when Joseph showed us a chart of the candidates who were the leading Sherlocks in the current US election. McCain came out tops, with Edwards second. What Joseph did not explain is what does that mean? Are either McCain or Edwards are going to win? In Joseph's presentation he did suggest that Watson's get wider acclaim for spreading Sherlock's ideas. So that suggests a no vote for McCain and Edwards. Clinton was definitely a Watson.

I want to ask Joseph Carrabis what the spread was in the last election cycle, as he suggested that his company predicted the winners and losers through each step of the primaries and election. Joseph, do you have the chart available for 2004?