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The Diva Defines The Risk In Social Media

Toby Bloomberg answers the following questions on her post, "You define the risks in social media."

Q1: How do you ensure the brand is not comprised through comments?
Q2: How do you measure ROI? How do you know if you succeed?
Q3: How do you ensure the brand is not compromised through the company's bloggers' posts?
Q4: Will we need to promote the blog/social media programs and how will they impact our current marketing strategy?
Q5: What do we do if IT does not have time to be involved?
Q6: Is it worth the additional time?
Q7: Do you have the people resources needed?
Q8: Can you afford the additional operational (software, hosting) expenses?
Q9: What happens if your competitor is less risk adverse than you and steps into the space first?
Q10: How do you safeguard against getting "blown-up?"