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Wait Marketing Book Review

Diana Derval's book, "Wait Marketing," describes an obvious but neglected strategy for marketing professionals, customers are most willing to listen to marketing messages when they are waiting for something else to happen. Waiting at an airport, waiting for a train, waiting in line for the post office. Basically when people are not occupied or distracted by entertainment or concentrating on life.

The book is well laid out with seven chapters, each chapter features case studies and also strategies for how a marketer can implement Wait Marketing. The book is up to date and includes examples from social media, second life and blogs. Also featured are case studies from mobile marketing.

I enjoyed the concept, as it makes a lot of sense to me to connect with customers while they are waiting, I know I’d appreciate more reading material while waiting at the airport. For example, the Delta shuttle at Boston Logon does a good job of providing newspapers and magazines for free to waiting passengers.

However, in several places I found it difficult to understand the theme of Diana's discussion within a chapter. In addition Diane Derval promoted her own company, suggesting a reader should contact Derval Research to implement Wait Marketing at several points in the chapters. I found this promotion distracting and suggested to me that the book is merely a sales device for her company, Derval Research.