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Building Influence From Customer Ideas

The Effective Corporate Blogging Group On Facebook

Currently I run a Facebook group about effective corporate blogging. One group project I am spearheading is writing of an article about the time it takes to write blogs.

I am thinking we should attempt to answer these questions.

How much time does it take to blog?
- Keyword analysis
- Time it takes to monitor the community discussion
- Time it takes to write an article
- Time it takes to monitor comments in blogs and forums
- Time it takes to conduct blogging outreach

Why the time spent will produce results
- The benefits of blogging in terms of time described by each step taken in running an effective blogging campaign
- Examples of blogs that beat the competition because of the time spent
- Adrants/Adfreaks

Are there ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to blog?
- Split up the blogging tasks among several people
- Consider multiple author blogs
- Consider short-term blogs.

Why don't you ask yourself how can I make enough time to blog?
- Distractions of office life
- Nature of American business culture and the quick fix

Richard Nacht is also putting in some time into the project, and he is about to organize a conference call where we can discuss the article.