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A rocky weekend, I was very sick with the flu on Friday. Both Karin and Bram have had the flu for a week or so, but lots of sleep on Friday seemed to knock my bout on the head. Unfortunately I missed the AMA Boston Volunteer appreciation event on Friday evening. I was well enough by late Friday night that I decided to keep my commitment to the Podcamp Boston 2 and volunteer for the registration desk on the early shift. Podcamp is an un-conference, which means there's a lot of organized chaos, presenters sign up to present on a wiki several weeks before and you are very much guaranteed to get a spot if you do something sensible.

We did not have all of the equipment for the start of registration, but true grit and a lot of effort on the part of the leaders of podcamp and fellow volunteers meant we were able to get everyone registered on time for the keynote. Susan Kaup or Sooz from BostonNow.com did an awesome job, as well as Julia Roy, who wrote out all of the sessions by hand on Saturday morning. It was great to meet all the volunteers on Registration especially, Steve Sherlock and Jack Daniel, Steve for our chat about the early history of New England, and Jack for his interest in blacksmithing.

I had to leave early on Saturday to help Karin with Bram, but I was back the next morning for the registration desk. I did not have the chance to see very much of the presentations, but I enjoyed meeting everyone, and hope next year my family is not in the middle of daycare flu season during Podcamp!

The next big event is the society for new communications research conference in December here in Boston at the Colonnade Hotel, speakers from all over the country will be converging to present on social media.