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Tips On Writing A Blog Post

How do you become a good blog writer? A question I was asked today while I was giving a presentation about blogging at a Waltham based search engine optimization company. Well actually the question was what if the people in a company are not very good at writing?

If someone is a poor writer but has passion for their subject and company, I think the process of writing a blog will steadily improve their writing ability. Writing improves if practiced. There are some strategies and tactics you can use to help the process. Here are a few tips for writing a good blog article.

* Make sure you have your facts correct. Credibility comes from knowledge and expertise that is based on facts. Otherwise readers will not be able to trust what you write is of any value.

* Give your opinion about the issues in the article you are writing. People read blogs in part because they are looking for the writer's personal perspective.

* Use humor, and a sense of yourself when writing a blog post. Personalization and writing that means an article is more enjoyable to read will make the likelihood of a blog post being read and remembered.

* Carefully consider your content strategy, are you writing about thought leadership issues in your community, addressing product development or customer service issues at your company? Often the more mundane issues will solicit a response from your audience. I have found some of the most interesting blog posts are related to product development and customer service.

* Cite other authors in your community. Pepper your posts with links and references to other bloggers.