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Dell Customer Satisfaction Rates Improving

This interview on the Service Untitled blog with Dick Hunter the VP of Customer Experience at Dell is very interesting, it shows the significant turnaround in customer satisfaction levels since Dell started to really work on its customer service issues. Taking more customer service in-house and not outsourcing it, as well as Dell blogging customer service strategy appear to be changing things for the company, still a way to go however.

Dick said,

"I got into this job about a year ago and was challenged by Michael [Dell, CEO] to turn the customer experience around. To that end, we’ve gone up in core tech support about 10 points. We’ve gone up in our XPS support about 15 points. We’ve gone up in about 10 points in our “Dell on Call” service area. In those areas, we’re making progress. A lot of that has been brute force and yet we are no where we should go or where Michael is challenging me to go. His challenge is for us to get to 90% customer satisfaction in tech support. At this time, for XPS, we’re running around 75%. We were at 60% - we went to 75%."