Looking Back At the Success Of the Ford Bold Moves Video Social Media Website
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Ford Bold Moves Revisited

Following on from my earlier article about the Ford Bold Moves website, I had chance to review another two author’s articles. Here are my thoughts on their work and the site overall.

Sue Mead, another freelance writer in the automobile industry wrote, "A Traveling Road Show," an article about how Ford and the industry is using marketing to target customers. Also some insight into how Ford is running its campaign for the Ford Fusion. I thought the article was excellent for a marketing article. Very well written. No comments were received on the article, but little connection with the premise of the Ford Bold Moves website, detailing the conversation inside the company about the changes it is making.

Jeff Heilman wrote this next article, "Happier Seats: Safety Innovations at Work." The article is yet another feel good article about Ford, mainly looking back at the past. No comments appear again. I thought this article was a great example of how much Ford does not really understand how to conduct online dialogue with its audience. Rather than having a Ford employee write about what they are doing to change the company. The agency Ford employed hired a number of journalists to write feature articles about the company, and then tacked a comment section on the end of each article with no apparent intention of answering any of the comments. With no dialogue being conducted, my suggestion would have been to drop the comment section from the start. Then the site would have been fine, if a little slow because of the server issues. I am not sure this site made any difference to ford customers; I think it was a lost opportunity.