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Donnie Baker is one of the most passionate marketers I know. He has a mission in like to teach marketing to the world of nonprofits. I met Donnie two years ago when he met me to talk about volunteering with the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Never one to stand in anyone's way, I encouraged Donnie to build the nonprofit marketing special interest group for the chapter. He built a success sig and group of volunteers. I interviewed Donnie about his passion for nonprofits a while ago.

Donnie recently accepted the top marketing position with United Planet, a nonprofit organization that aims to foster peace and connection across the world by bringing people together through volunteer opportunities and connecting people online.

I met with Donnie and his colleague Cecile to talk about how United Planet can use blogs to spread the word about their volunteer opportunities. They treated me to an excellent lunch in downtown Boston in the Back Bay and we discussed audience, and how to develop a nonprofit blogging assessment. We hope to continue the discussion here on this blog so that readers can add their advice to the discussion.