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How To Blog Effectively

Tonight I attended the Boston American Marketing Association's networking event, and several people there asked me how do you run an effective corporate blogging campaign. I told them there are several steps to building a corporate blog.

1) Conduct an assessment of your audience’s blogging community. Use some simple tools such as Technorati and Google's blog search engine to discover blogs in your audience's community.

2) Build an understanding of the keywords used by your community.

3) Assess the capabilities of your company to blog within your audience’s blogging community.

4) Consider the capabilities of your company and the needed resources to blog within your audience's blogging community. This process should help you to determine how often you need to write, what you need to write, who should write, and what resources you will need to build an effective blog.

5) Understand how your company’s unique characteristics and how they fit in with the current concerns of your audience. This understanding will help you to develop content and also target conversations.

Once you decide to start blogging, its critical to understand that blogging is a conversation, or a dialogue, attempting to just pitch your own ideas will probably mean you will fail to talk with people, and worse still produce some negative consequences in terms of public criticism of your company’s efforts. Rather the strategy any company should follow is to conduct a dialogue with your community that’s relevant to their interests.