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CmbookIan Lurie is my former boss at Portent Interactive, he is one of the best people I know who can develop a website. In my mind if I think of web design I think of Ian! He started in law, but liked it so much he went into web design, and part of his early career was in the building industry, with a large roofing consultant in Seattle. When he came to develop his web business in 1995 originally called The Written Word there was no process template for web companies so he borrowed process ideas from the construction industry and the law to build his practice.

Ian has written a book called conversation marketing; he also trademarked the term (though I don't think it covers the term conversational marketing). His book really explains how to use the web to build a conversation with your customers, especially from the perspective of a corporate website. Ian inspired me to start blogging in 2003, he started a blog earlier in the year, and I started this TypePad blog in August of 2003, though I had messed around with a blogger blog before that. He now runs the successful Conversation Marketing blog.