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Indium Corporation Blog Reader Survey Results

As part of the blog reader interview survey I’ve been conducting with corporate bloggers, I contacted Rick Short, the Director of Marketing at Indium Corporation. Indium provides electronics assembly materials and services to the electronics assembly industry. Indium provides products and services for electronic assembly materials, and the companies who use their services, electronic assembly manufacturers.

Rick was kind enough to allow me to chat with some of his company’s blog readers. Rick was even more generous with his time and built a rotating gif for the online survey we put on his blogger’s website. Dr. Ron Lasky, the Indium senior scientist. Don Ballard, one of Dr. Lasky's readers took the survey and his answers are below. My thanks to Rick, Dr. Lasky and Don for helping with the survey.

1) What is it about this blog that started you reading this blog, and causes you to continue to read the blog?

It is a great source of information on RoHS/WEEE and is up to date. It is also interesting interspersed with other topics to add some variety. Plus, I value Dr. Ron's advice and opinion.

2) Which of the following factors do you think adds to the credibility of this blog?

a. Design of the blog definitely adds to the credibility
b. Navigation of the blog somewhat adds to the credibility
c. Openness and transparency of the blogger no opinion
d. Writing style of the blogger somewhat definitely adds to the credibility
e. Content of the blog definitely adds to the credibility
f. Interaction with blogger definitely adds to the credibility
g. Interaction with other blog readers definitely adds to the credibility
h. Frequency of posts definitely adds to the credibility (especially so with this ever changing topic)
i. How quickly the blogger responds to comments definitely adds to the credibility
j. The blogger's role at their company no opinion
k. The authority of the blogger definitely adds to the credibility
l. Anything else? His blog is fun to read and educational. A concept mastered by Walt Disney.

Please pick one or two factors, and tell me which factor you considered added the most credibility for the blog, and if possible explain why?

Dr.Ron's status within the area, his education and his knowledge. He is a subject matter expert and is very helpful with his readers.

3) Has your impression of the blogger's company changed since reading his/her blog? If so, in what why has your impressions changed?

I have not been involved with his company to date.

4) How would you describe the blogger's writing style, in individual articles, the whole blog and in their comments?

Very easy to read....for the layman, interesting, talks about current and valid points.

5) If you met the blogger in the street, what would you know about them, how would you describe them?

Not your typical nutty professor. Very down to earth, nice guy. Not aloof or standoffish.

6) You mentioned that you had not been involved with Dr.Lasky's company yet, has reading the blog, given you any more insight into his company.

Yes it has given me insight into his company. I may very well in the future be using their services I just have not yet had the opportunity to do so. For now, I enjoy the blog and read it on a daily basis or whenever there is an update to it. I have also called upon Dr. Ron for advice on several occasions with regards to RoHS/WEEE and he has always helped me out. He even posted an article on my book on his