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Story Telling Captures Your Audience


Bob Fox is one of my favorite singers. An English folk singer from the northeast, he sings songs about mining, traditional songs and a few modern songs. I first saw him at a concert in Seattle, but have also seen him in concert here in the Boston area.

It's not just his voice, which is magical, but also his stage performance. He is a great storyteller, and story maker. I remember at one concert here in the Boston area Bob was a little late. The crowds were all folkies so we entertained ourselves until he arrived. Embarrassed and wearing a Hawaiian shirt, he unpacked his guitar and when right into making the wait worthwhile.

Hearing tales and stories has always held my attention, and story telling is something that can really captivate an audience, so when it comes to corporate blogging consider telling your audience about your personal experiences. The personal stories about an industry are what people are most interested in reading and something that will keep your audience coming back for more.