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Reflections On The Value Of CoComment For Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is all about conversation, with your readers and other bloggers in your community. What better way to determine who are the leaders in your blogging community than to track their conversations on other blogs. CoComment, the blog comment tracking service lets you track your own comments on blogs.

I personally was delighted to discover CoComment, as tracking my comments on other blogs had been a real problem. I was using del.icio.us. However, I did not believe the service would reach it’s full potential until it allowed a blogger to track others who did not subscribe to the service. CoComment upgraded its services and now tracks all comments on a blog that you subscribe too. I think the utility of the service in solving the problem of tracking comments on other blogs makes CoComment the outstanding blogging service of 2006.

CoComment is not just a comment tracking tool, but also a social networking service. CoComment also lets you monitor the progress of other bloggers who make comments on the web. You can use CoComment to find more bloggers within your community, but also identify those bloggers who comment the most in your community. That is if they subscribe to CoComment.

I only wish more people used the service because I believe many people would discover that the power of blogs is not just in writing and publishing blog posts, but in also in writing comments on your own blog and others.