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Reducing The Time It Takes To Blog Through Multiple Authoring And Blog Aggregating

Many of the customers I've spoken with about setting up a blog are concerned about the time it takes to devote to blogging. Two solutions that companies can use to lessen the time it takes to blog include multiple authors and developing a blog aggregator.

The Southwest Airlines blog is a great example of a company that has multiple authors for a blog, by spreading the pressure to write often to several people, not only do you guarantee more of a steady stream of content, but also the diversity of content is greater. At Southwest, several employees from a number of different roles write for their blog.

Adobe has a great blog aggregator, that aggregates over 800 blogs from within the Adobe blogging community. The blogs include blogs run by Adobe employees, and blogs run by customers and people interested in Adobe products. Set up to give everyone in the Adobe community easy access to bloggers. The blog aggregator also spreads the discussion beyond Adobe's walls. New members to the community see content from both Adobe and other community members. And sometimes the coverage by community members is just as good or better than Adobe employees. Companies can leverage the content developed by the community in the same way content in company product forums is leveraged by companies to provide access to knowledgeable customers who can help other forum members with questions and requests.

The Adobe blog aggregator is particularly interesting because of the reports the aggregator provides to blogs within cited within the website. Statistic reports include:

-Most popular posts
-Most popular feeds
-Most prolific feeds
-Language breakdown
-Feed click report

Check out this article I wrote about the blog aggregator developed by Macromedia, before they merged with Adobe.