Should A Marketing Director Write A Blog?
Do You Have The Culture To Blog?

Follow A Conversation Relevancy Strategy For Effective Corporate Blogging

‘What is the use of a book’, thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’
Lewis Carroll 1832-1898, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ch.1.

If you believe that interruption marketing is not as effective as other forms of marketing such as organic search engine or word of mouth marketing, blogging can be a great way to reach your audience without interrupting them in their daily lives.

Effective blogging is about joining an existing conversation, rather than interrupting your audiences’ conversation. What that means in practicality is that a corporate blogger does not pitch their articles to other bloggers, or ask for links directly. Rather a blogger should look for opportunities to join in an existing conversation. Make comments with relevant statements on another blog or write a follow up post on your own blog.

Content relevancy is the strategy public relations professionals, SEO people and journalists all follow in developing their stories and content. Following a conversation relevancy strategy is what can add credibility to a corporate blogger relations campaign and what makes the discipline unique.

Without conversation, dialogue and relationship building, there’s little use to spending the time on developing a corporate blog. Rather time would be better spent on expanding an existing website. Starting a blog makes the statement that you want to, and will conduct a dialogue with your readership. If you don’t, or use interruptions tactics you reduce the effectiveness of the medium and can reduce your credibility in your blogging community.