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CoComment Announced Major Upgrade To Comment Tracking Features For Blogs

CoComment, the blog comment tracking service, announced a major upgrade to their service today. One feature upgrade I especially enjoyed is the ability to track comments on blogs by users who are not CoComment users, this means you can track all of the conversations from the CoComment easy to use interface rather than using an RSS feed reader. However, only some blogging platforms will allow this feature, fortunately the big platforms are covered: Wordpress, Typepad, MovableType, Blogger and more.

I immediately logged into my CoComment account, and noticed that my list of comments tracked was lit up with new comments. There were lots of comments from non-CoComment users. Hey this means I don't have to bother bookmarking a blog conversation when I comment once a comment track is started. At least I assume that's how it works?

Check out some of the several of CoComment’s new features below, I believe the second feature, "track the conversation," answers my question.

This is a great step forward in comment tracking.

I'd still like to see an archiving feature in CoComment, for those comments I'd like to track but don't want at the top of my list of comments every day. Well folders might be the solution for that request.

The coCoCrawler has arrived, and will keep an eye on your conversations for you. Remember when coComment would inform you of new comments only when they were made by other users of the system? It’s over now, the most requested feature by all our users is now up and running. If you make any comments on platforms such as Wordpress, Typepad, MovableType, Blogger, Flickr, digg, Kaywa, Blogsphere, Kulando, ExpressionEngine or tblog, all subsequent comments in that comment stream will be viewable in the conversation thread on your “my conversations page” – whether they are from registered coComment users or not. Of course, we’re working hard to add even more supported platforms.

Another heavily requested feature: you can now track conversations even if you don’t participate! Simply check the appropriate box after coComment has been activated. The conversation will appear in your page and be followed by our crawler.