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Baldwin Hill Farm Trip

C_rusthouseKarin and I visited the Baldwin Hill Farm over the weekend in Great Barrington, in Western Massachusetts. This was the first time I’d visited the Berkshires. Richard and Priscilla Burdsall run the bed and breakfast. Both Karin and I love stories, so if you’re looking for a really great place to stay with good food and interesting hosts, the Baldwin Hill Farm is a great spot.

I was thinking that telling a great story is something any company should do, as that story illustrates the company’s values. Take the Burdsall’s, the farm was owned by Richard’s grandfather, when Karin and I both read the website before we visited the place, I think the connection with family and a sense of history was something that attracted us both to the place. In addition both of our hosts had traveled widely, and therefore had a traveler’s perspective on things to see and do.

We had a unique experience at the Baldwin Hill Farm because of the background and story, but I wonder how many companies handle their own company story effectively. You never know why someone will do business with your company. So perhaps the more connections you can build will make a bigger difference.