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Iran 3rd Public Relations Conference

Just received this interesting email from Iran about the 3rd International Public Relations Conference.  Not sure I can make the conference, as I will have some family stuff going on then.  But I thought the conference organizers were very generous in offering to pay for all expenses.

Calling for papers

Iran 3rd Public Relations Conference

3rd International PR Conference of Iran and will be
held and attended by the high ranking PR practitioner
of the world and more than three thousands of PR
managers, scholars, experts and students in 12-16
November 2006 in Tehran.

All the professors, scholars, administrators and
writers are invited to deliver their papers for
promotion of the PR profession on their desired topics
including the latest findings and \ideas be it
theoretical or applied. Research Project and other
initiatives topics on PR are also welcomed.

It should be mentioned that all natural costs such as
return ticket, hotel accommodation of the preferred
papers writers will be paid by the Conference

Writers and editors of PR books are invited to deliver
a sample of theirs works and also their particulars to
the conference secretariat. The preferred works will
be granted special awards. 

3rd Iran International PR Conference
Scientific Committee

Reach at:
T:+98 21 8832 81 23
F:+98 21 8832 81 24
M:+98 912 193 84 19 (Bagherian)

Update: Here's the English Language site to the conference on PR in Iran.