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Clueless Pitch From Aquaries Media Corp.

Jamie Lee from Aquaries Media Corp. writes a clueless search engine linking and blogger relations pitch on Constantin Bastura’s blog.  What on earth has their client’s vlog got to do with Constantin’s critique and discussion of the Guidewire Group’s survey?

Blogging 101, it's important to read the blog you are commenting on before you post.  And only write comments that are related to the post.  Unless you are trying to connect with a blogger and they have no email address available, (not the case with Constantin) making such comments puts both your company and your client's non-profit in a bad light.

Jamie Lee said:
October 28, 2005 @ 4:18 pm
We are currently using a vlog to ramp up to the realease of our latest documentary film project. We are holding work-in-progress screenings to get feedback as well as raise awareness to this particular issue of corporate responsibility, accountability and conscious consumerism. This month with the release of the new iPod with video capabilities, our VLOG was a featured podcast on the Apple iTunes Music Store which is bringing about 6,000 hits a day. Hopefully this will help garner connections around the globe to further the spread of the film’s message. We are pleased with the power of viral marketing and the use of the internet to get out there.
Aquaries Media Corp.