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BuzzAgent Aims For Transparency

My post about the blogger endorsing products without revealing their connection with an advertiser back in June received a few comments and conversation from fellow bloggers.

I recently attended the 26th annual Marketing Research conference for the American Marketing Association in Boston, and saw Dave Balter, the President of BuzzAgent give a presentation on word of mouth marketing. Some of Dave’s facts about his company’s campaigns were really interesting.  BuzzAgent recruits consumers to communicate their positive or negative impressions to their circle of contacts and friends.

However, today I came across an article in Advertising Age that describes how BuzzAgent changed their policies on what their agent’s disclose because of the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.  What was particularly interesting is that BuzzAgent discovered that an agent’s contacts responded more positively if the agent revealed their connection with BuzzAgent. 

When it comes to buying an idea or a product, transparency is key to credibility.