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Global PR Week Format Value Article

I think I'd like to collaborate on an article with anyone who is interested.  I'd like to learn what everyone thought was most value about the format of the Global PR Week for a participant or reviewer? The article would showcase people's experiences with the week, and why they thought it was different from a normal conference. If we understand the real value of this type of online conference in terms of what everyone thought, it would be helpful next year and beyond.

Here are some of my bullet point thoughts

-         Reviewing is a blast, I definitely recommend everyone review articles next year, the process of reviewing makes you read more articles early on, plus you feel part of the community.

-         The conference was a chance to compare writing styles and ideas; I have taken away lots of new ideas about PR practice and how to write a better article.

-         Next year I need to make sure my calendar is a lot clearer, I did not spend enough time on reading articles.

-         Is there some way to see the complete list of comments on all the articles at once?  I love discussion, and it would be great to see the articles in order of comments under a section on the nav bar. Basically this function would be similar to a forum.

-         The conference really has had a very collegiate atmosphere, very similar to a normal conference, a great chance to get to know more people in depth.