Business Blog Summit Presentation
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Business Blog Summit Remembered

Well just returned from the business blog summit in San Francisco.  I was a speaker at the event on Thursday, and I shared the panel with Dave Wharton and Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords.  If you have not already, I’d recommend checking out Buzz’s product, he is a gentleman, and knows how to run an effective buzz marketing campaign.  I really enjoyed his demo of his product.

Highlights for me personally were the Intuit and GM case studies.  Especially Intuit, Paul Rosenfeld’s description of Intuit’s blogs reminded me so much of Macromedia and their blogging efforts.  I had the opportunity to interview Scott Wilder of Intuit about their forums for my blogging presentation.  Hiring moderators and managing the forums have increased registrations dramatically for Intuit.  The company has also improved its search engine rankings by optimizing the forum sites.